Back again!

By | March 20, 2012

Here I am again!

And I apologize to you for having “parked” this site for such a long time.  A number of factors have impacted my schedule and my priorities. Among the greatest and most significant of these is that my Mary Jo, my wife for more than half a century, over the last year and a half has slipped into early stages of dementia. When she decided in 2010 not to enroll at Western KY U, I should have suspected something–but I just thought she was tired (and tired of getting parking tickets for parking in wrong places!)–and that having taken classes at 16 colleges and universities, she just wanted a break. But it was more than that. The condition is not progressing rapidly and she is still functioning quite well much of the time.

It does impact my schedule, though, and is likely going to limit my travel. I was extremely sorry to have to cancel a long-anticipated somewhat extensive parenting-training tour of Africa last spring when Mary Jo’s condition was first diagnosed. Much of the past year has been spent in evaluation and adjusting.

Added to that, in the last month I have spent 5 days in the hospital, have had two surgical procedures (gall bladder removal and gallstone removal, with some complications) but I’m back to functioning almost fully (90%, I’d say) and am continuing to do some restructuring of my work.

I feel I should have another decade, at least, the Good Lord willing, in which to make contributions to the lives of others. I’d be happy to have any of you who know me well to suggest how you feel I can best benefit others. I may be running some ideas by you as to what I should make my highest priorities.

Watch for emails from me, also FaceBook and Twitter messages. I’ll look forward to being in touch!

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