I love you!-Really?

By | July 12, 2010


There, I’ve said it—even shouted it!

Doesn’t make sense, though, does it? Might not seem to, in view of the fact that I’ve never even met most of you. But I do. I’m not talking about warm vibes, and happy fuzzies (yet). I’m always delighted and a bit surprised when I glimpse a name on FB and respond spontaneously and instantly. I know you. Your name is a handle attached to a package of immense value. So my heart jumps. But…that is the second level of loving you. It takes some knowing you to make those happy feelings occur.

But for those of you I don’t yet know, I love you, too. I’m talking about the respect I feel for you—you count! You are awesome at the most basic level. I value you, treasure you—honor your worth. And I’d like to experience knowing you. And feel the added joy of being a close friend and brother. But whether I get to know you, or not, I want to honor you and bless you life. I LOVE YOU!

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