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Does it matter…?

By | June 18, 2012

 Are you concerned, as I am, that children aren’t being taught our nation’s history? For a good demonstration of the matter, ask your children/grandchildren, “What do we celebrate on the 4th of July?” If they say, “The Declaration of Independence,” congratulate them for knowing. Then ask, “What is ‘The Declaration of Independence?’”

I hope that will lead to a healthy discussion of the founding of our country. Before you start the discussion, you might want a little refresher. I needed one! Perhaps it would be helpful to google “The War for American Independence” or “The Declaration of Independence.”

In addition to those discussion-starter questions, here are  more that will test knowledge level.
1. Who was our enemy in that war?
2. Who was that nation’s leader?
3. Who was the leader of our army?
4. What country became our main ally?
5. How many signers of the Declaration where there?
6. Name three or more.
7. How many colonies became the original states?
8. Name six of them.
9. Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
10. Which two leaders in the War of Independence are memorialized at Mt. Rushmore?
11. What four leaders of that war are on American currency—bills or coins?
12. Who was selected to lead the country after the war?

If your child(ren) correctly answered nine or more of those questions, you are exceptional! I say “you are exceptional,” because children seldom excel in such knowledge without involvement of parents. Because public schools are generally doing a pathetic job of teaching history, civics, and similar subjects, the children in public schools who learn such matters usually do so because parents and/or grandparents are passionately involved in their education.

If, without research to find the answers, you and your children got nine or more correct answers, I’d love to have you send me an email and tell me your score. Also tell me the ones you missed. If I hear from enough of you to justify it, I’ll generate a report. In fact, I’d be happy to hear from you, no matter what your score.

BTW, I virtually guarantee you that 75% of those who get nine of more right are homeschoolers! I wasn’t “homeschooled,” but a big part of my knowledge of history was what I learned at home—mostly from my dad. Homeschooling curricula typically has a strong emphasis on history.

As I travel and speak around the country, I find a sad lack of knowledge of who our founding fathers (and mothers) were. Few of the younger generations know what they stood for and why they sought and fought for independence. They certainly know little of the nature of  the republic those founders established, the importance of the free enterprise system they laid the foundation for, and other matters basic to the very nature of our culture and society. That is sad!

I don’t think it’s too late! We can still do something to get our younger generation up to speed about what our country is all about! What are your thoughts? Email me,, or post a Facebook message. Let’s make a difference!

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