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Life changers! Well, maybe….

By | July 23, 2012

What’s happening Thursday? We’re launching Turn Back Time as a Kindle eBook—which will make it available to millions! But there’s much more! And the “more” can relate to you, specifically to the fact that you have “Kindles” within you waiting to be developed and published!

I want my Turn Back Time Kindle eBook to inspire you and give you a pattern to model. You do have something! Maybe family stories that could be the basis of successful novels—or at least stories that bless future generations of your family. Or could be released as low-cost Kindle reports that would benefit many. Or what you have may be family recipes, knowledge of fishing or another hobby, a series of sermons or Bible lessons, or…who knows?

If you’re interested, and enough others are, I may set up a blog to guide you toward success. I won’t charge for it, and I must emphasize that I won’t have time for one-to-one mentoring. But I can share what I’m learning in this process and can provide some resources and tools. Sound good? It would be awesome to pitch in together to show those four loves mentioned earlier: Love of life, love of family, love of nation and love of God. Watch for another post from me soon. Then I’ll hope to hear from you if you’re interested.

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