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“Dale, you are a pilot light…!”

By | July 24, 2012

The title of this post is a quote from 50 years ago. It concluded…” You light flames in the hearts of others. Recently I needed to consider that again.
Three things combined to hit me hard. My 5-day hospitalization in March, my turning 80 in April, and Mary Jo’s early stage dementia. They didn’t stop me in my tracks, but they came close! Really got me to thinking. This 9th decade is most likely my last that could be highly productive. When I get to my 90s I should taper off, don’t you think?
My conclusion: the best use of my 80s is to empower others. But I’m going to have to travel less. So how can I best equip others? I came up with three ways.
1. Help folks find their messages, get them down, and get them published (more later).
2. Help speakers and would-be speakers/instructors maximize their platform skills.
3. Strengthen families through materials and programs of Every Kid a Winner, Inc.
And, of course, weave love of God and country into all.
For this post I’ll concentrate on helping you and others make a difference through writing.
It can be huge! Being a published author can open doors and expand the horizons of your influence!
In getting ready for the launch of Turn Back Time as a Kindle eBook, I realized something. I’ve accumulated knowledge and resources that could really help you and others get published. Kindle or otherwise.
I got to thinking about some examples. There’s my grand-niece, Amy. She wrote a superb piece about Monarch butterflies. It could be a highly successful Kindle book—and she could offer as a bonus her moment-by-moment photographic record, picture after magnificent picture, from egg to full-grown adult butterfly.
Another case: a minister friend who, from bits he has written could produce an absolutely awesome book on “Delights of Parenting a Passel of Special Needs Children!” Okay, that might not be the title! But all he and his wife need do is add a bit of structure to already written daily snap-shots of their intriguing, delightful, and challenging experiences. I’m ready to buy the first copy!
I could go on and on about recipe collections, family stories, fishing guides, hobbies, travel tales, etc. There are unlimited possibilities for Kindle books, novels, novellas, eReports, etc. What potential blessings for untold numbers of readers! And there would be recurring income through future sales. Could make a difference for a college fund for a child or grandchild. Or after retirement. Etc!
Would you be interested if I would provide insights, suggestions, guidelines, and resources? Note: I simply don’t have the time to do individual coaching or mentoring, but perhaps I could create a series of emails or a website/blog where we could share information. There wouldn’t be any charge.
If you’re interested, do two things:
1. Send an email to me saying, “Dale, count me in!” I’ll put you on the list as part of the special group working to get published. Watch for emails from me! It would be great if you’d post “Dale, count me in!”on facebook to help create a buzz.
2. This next is optional:* Participate two ways in the launch of the Turn Back Time Kindle: a. Buy a copy of the book from on Thursday for just $3.97.
b. Tell ten others about the book and the launch. This is a critical part of the process as we check out the validity of our “friends telling friends” approach to spreading the word about Kindle eBooks. You can tell them in person, by phone, through email, or even by posting on FaceBook or Twitter. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to telling ten!
3. Let me know you’ve bought the book! Amazon will tell me the number of sales, but not who bought. I want to list you in my list of early adopters who got in from the beginning of this project. You’ll go in my “Turn Back Time Hall of Fame” for especially good treatment! ?
*As I said, helping with the launch is optional—but being involved is the best way to get a feel for how this process works and will give you hands-on experience that will increase the benefits you’ll get from the content and guidance I’ll provide. So go for it! The cost, which is next to nothing, will pay great dividends. Good things are ahead.
So—I’m excited! This, my 9th decade, may be my most productive yet as I help you and others to dream dreams and achieve them.
Here I am getting to be a pilot light! I hope your flame is one I’ll be able to help burn brightly!

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