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By | June 12, 2010

Are you looking for

You’re at the right place! is our sister site and a bit of renovation is underway there, so we’re happy to serve as your host. Welcome!

And welcome to those coming from FaceBook, Twitter and elsewhere–possibly looking for information about one of our most exciting projects of all times…


All of my adult life I’ve wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. As a result, I’ve written children’s picture books, have been a founding director of youth camps in three states and Canada, have worked extensively as a family coach, have spoken coast-to-coast on the theme, “Every Kid a Winner!” etc.

Nothing I’ve ever done is more exciting than “Pat-the-Baby.” Nothing holds more promise for positively impacting untold thousands of children and their families, and nothing is simpler than “Pat-the-Baby.” It doesn’t cost a cent, and to access it, just click:

If it fails when you click on it, simply cut and paste.

Get ready for a fun experience that, for many, will be life changing. If kids count to you, you’ll love it.

Remember: it’s free–but invaluable!



If you have questions, email me at Poke around while you’re here at and look over some of our archives related to family. Needless to say, family is high priority here! We hope to have more and more helpful content, so visit often.


What a way to start a day…!

By | May 28, 2010

Have you noticed that if you start a day in a dismal, deep, and dark funk, it takes a while to get out of it–and get running smoothly and well? Want to avoid beginning the day that way, or have a jump-start out of it if you do? There is a way! Read more »

Hi and Welcome…

By | November 18, 2009

Yea ! It’s back ! I hope you’re glad to see this page. I certainly am !

This whole site totally vanished! It was gone without warning and left no clues as to why, how, or where to. No one could find it. Not even my ISP–though they finally located its folder, which they said was empty.  They had no clue as to what caused it to happen. And they couldn’t do a thing about it.  Talk about frustrating–this was it!

I’m about as technically gifted as the smallest of the beagle-basset-huskie (Bebasskie)  pups out in our kennel! I had no clue as to what to do. I was sick about it. Then a dear “Twitterfriend” decided to take on the “Mission Impossible” challenge (yeah, I know that dates me)–and she found the site but it was inaccessible. It was as though it was in the bottom of a barrel and covered by layers of trash. One by one she removed the bits of debris until, finally, Whoosh! It popped to the surface and right back into place! So here we are again!  I hope I’ll be able to post regularly and that you’ll drop in often so we can share ideas about building wonder-full families that are happy havens (at least most of the time) for all family members.

We can grow. We can improve. We can make a difference! And we want to!

Those are some of the premises of this site.  Most people definitely want to do a better job of being parents, grandparents, teachers, scout leaders, etc. We want to have a positive influence on the lives of children.  That’s what this site is all about. Little things can make a big difference.

Read the story of a man who did grow, improve, and make a difference–what a difference! See the article below: “Want to be adored? He was.”

We love being in touch, so…

  1. If you’re on Facebook, “friend” me there. I’m Philip Dale Smith on Facebook. I’ll confirm that we’re friends.
  2. If you tweet on Twitter, I’m there as GrandpaDale. Follow me and I’ll follow you back.
  3. If you haven’t seen the video of me and “the little redhead” in a brief discussion re: communication with a baby and the awesomeness of a baby’s mind, see that screen down to your right?  Click on the triangle in the middle and join us. If your computer is “up to speed” it will be smooth–otherwise may be a bit jerky.
  4. You, and your friends, can also see it on YouTube by clicking on this link:  While you’re there you can click “subscribe” and you’ll automatically get word of when the next video is up. It’s free!  If you check back here regularly you’ll catch new videos as the are posted.
  5. Did you sign up for our free occasional newsletter? As a bonus, you’ll get our daughter Lisa’s story  (you’ll love it!) of making Thimble Biscuits with my mother, the famous “Ma” who inspired the character “Hattie” in our novels, including the award-winning  Turn Back Time. See the form up to the right? Fill that out and you’ll get the story–and two recipes, so you can make thimble biscuits with children you love! What fun! Okay, it can be a mess, too–but a wonderful, fun mess!

This site is going to be a very special one with lots of valuable insights, tools and techniques to help big people equip little people to reach their full God-given potential!

Keep checking in here. And send me notes about things of interest to those of us who place a high value on children and families. Tell me some topics you’d like us to discuss on this blog–or on teleseminars we hope to schedule in the future. Or just to tell me you love me no matter what! :).   For now, to communicate with me, use or leave comments below.

We have some good news we’ll get to share with you soon. In the meantime, be looking forward to a free five-lesson eCourse about the wonderful benefits of reading together as a family. It should be ready soon.

For now, have an abundant and joyous day!

Philip Dale Smith (mostly known as Dale or GrandpaDale)

P.S. Be sure to read the posts below.

It took only five words…

By | May 22, 2009

It took only five words…

If my dad spoke those five words at the beginning of a sentence, they worked wonders! They grabbed my attention and snatched me back from wherever my little-boy mind had wandered. They riveted my attention on Dad.      I was ready. Read more »

Kids look at the world with fresh eyes…

By | May 20, 2009

Alexander Graham Bell is said to have commented, “I love to talk with children. They look at the world with fresh eyes.” The following selection certainly demonstrates that they do. They not only have “fresh eyes,” they combine acute interest in what is going on around them with their limited experience and understanding–with the result being some definitely interesting observations!

I don’t know who compiled this group of answers by children regarding mothers, but I’m sure glad they recorded them for us. Enjoy!

WHY GOD MADE MOMS Answers by 2nd grade children to the following questions about mothers:

Why did God make mothers?

1.  She’s the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.

2.  Mostly to clean the house.

3.  To help us out of there when we were getting born.

How did God make mothers? Read more »

Debby & Pa – Young & old blend generations

By | May 2, 2009

As you read this story of my dad, written by one of his grand-daughters, you’ll catch several hints of how the elderly can touch the young. In fact, perhaps you’ll pick up on two words that may have planted the seeds in the heart of a little girl that grew into a fascinating and highly successful career. I’ll comment further about this at the end of the article. –Dale

By Debby Rhoads Eason

Pa has always been old.  In fact, the first memory I have of him is his uneven limping gait as we walked to the store when I was three.  Afraid he would leave without me, I clung to his pant’s leg, straining against the grip of my grandmother as she swept back my hair in a ponytail.  On our journey, I held his pointing finger, feeling the rough warts as my arm jerked up and down with the unevenness of his walk.  He limped because Read more »

Want to treasure something? Invest in it!

By | March 6, 2009

So said my father. My old Dad was right. He was old-almost forty-four when I was born and now was in his fifties. He was right because he drilled down to one of the bedrock principles of life when he told me, “Son, if you want to treasure something, invest in it.” It worked for him–eventually. The good news is that it’ll work for you and me.

Dad could have been talking about stocks and bonds. But he wasn’t. He could have been talking about how to get interested in the St. Louis Cardinals playing the Boston Red Sox in the 1946 World Series.

But he wasn’t. He was talking about the general principle. And family. Mostly he was talking about family. It relates to you. And me.

Almost too late, Dad began investing in family. For almost forty years he had squandered life on other things.

Often he invested in empty things–foolish things. Then he met my mother-to-be. That attractive little widow flipped his investment strategy upside down! He spent the next few months, Read more »

Want to be adored? He was.

By | February 21, 2009

By Dale Smith  (GrandpaDale) © 2009 Philip Dale Smith

“Daddy, did Pa really shoot up the poolroom at Beech Creek?”

Lisa asked me that when she was perhaps 13 years old. 

“Yep. Sure did,” was my reply.

A few years later: “Daddy, did Pa really shoot the Muhlenberg County Sheriff off a ladder?” Read more »

Storms, Squirrels, and a Little Boy’s Paradigm Shift

By | January 26, 2009

By Dale Smith  (GrandpaDale) © 2008 Philip Dale Smith  

First, what’s a “paradigm shift?”

That’s a fancy way of saying, “a change in how you look at things.” When I was a preschooler, I needed one. Probably several.

The first paradigm shift I recall came when I was about five years old. As I got ready for bed, a storm hit. A strong gust slammed the old house. It shivered, creaked, and moaned. The thin linoleum floor covering lifted and dropped in keeping with the surges that swept under the house and up through floor cracks.

The first rattle of rain hit the tin roof followed the staccato tattoo of the downpour. No insulation muffled the sound. Soon it was a roar. Thunder cracked and lightning flashes through the windowpanes far outdid the dim yellow light of the “coal oil” lamp that Mother would soon take from the room.

I was afraid. Read more »

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