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Debby & Pa – Young & old blend generations

By | May 2, 2009

As you read this story of my dad, written by one of his grand-daughters, you’ll catch several hints of how the elderly can touch the young. In fact, perhaps you’ll pick up on two words that may have planted the seeds in the heart of a little girl that grew into a fascinating and highly successful career. I’ll comment further about this at the end of the article. –Dale

By Debby Rhoads Eason

Pa has always been old.  In fact, the first memory I have of him is his uneven limping gait as we walked to the store when I was three.  Afraid he would leave without me, I clung to his pant’s leg, straining against the grip of my grandmother as she swept back my hair in a ponytail.  On our journey, I held his pointing finger, feeling the rough warts as my arm jerked up and down with the unevenness of his walk.  He limped because Read more »

Want to be adored? He was.

By | February 21, 2009

By Dale Smith  (GrandpaDale) © 2009 Philip Dale Smith

“Daddy, did Pa really shoot up the poolroom at Beech Creek?”

Lisa asked me that when she was perhaps 13 years old. 

“Yep. Sure did,” was my reply.

A few years later: “Daddy, did Pa really shoot the Muhlenberg County Sheriff off a ladder?” Read more »

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