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By | September 28, 2012

Hi! I’m happy to announce…

IT’S HERE! Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 29) you—and your friends—can get an absolutely free copy of our award-winning novel, Turn Back Time!  It’s the Amazon Kindle version that you can read on your computer, Bluetooth, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc., without your buying a thing!

Why free? Because we want as many people as possible to enjoy this highly-acclaimed novel, create “buzz” & see rise to the top a book that upholds high morals, with no filthy speech or vulgarities!

The last time we did a give-away, 14,881 people (that’s not a misprint!) downloaded the book in two days! We don’t expect that many this time, but there could be several thousand and it’s exciting to know that you, and your friends, can get it—absolutely without charge, no strings attached!

The book won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Fiction and was a highly successful DoubleDay Crossings Book Club selection (they sold out and reprinted, twice). When you check, you’ll see that Turn Back Time has 39 reviews and that 36 are 5-Stars, and three are 4-Stars!

But when we were writing it, Lisa and I kept wondering if people would like it or even finish reading it! We could only dream that people would praise it so and want others to have it—and beg for a sequel, and then, yet another!

You can imagine how satisfying it is to us now to know that thousands and thousands of people around the English-speaking world have a novel inspired by the meeting, romance, and lives of her grandparents—my mother and (the formerly bad-news bachelor) dad! How blessed we were to get to write it. Maybe you, too, have one inside you just waiting to get out!

So we’re delighted to be able to give the book to you, and encourage you to tell others about it.

Please let your friends and family know the book can be theirs–free. Post it to your Facebook friends, tweet about it on Twitterand do a mailing to your email contacts. They’ll be grateful to to get the book totally without cost! So please do pass the word about it. It’s free for one-day only: Saturday, September 29.

Get it by going to Back Time, and placing the order. It will show the cost as “$0.” Here’s a link will also go there without any hassle:

To save you some time if you want to help us get the word out, I’ll post a sample Facebook, twitter and email message below. Use any and all. Modify and adapt as you choose.

I’m so grateful to have such great supporters-encouragers as you!




Tweet for Twitter:

You’ll love it & it’s FREE Sat.9/29-only: Turn Back Time (Kindle) award-winning, gentle-but-keep-you-awake-novel. Highly-praised DoubleDay book club selection. Get it & please retweet


Post for FaceBook:

It’s free! Here’s your chance to get a highly-praised & warmly-reviewed full-length novel at no cost! On Sat., Sept. 9 (only), is giving away the Kindle version of the award-winning Turn Back Time. More than 15,000 people have downloaded this book. Don’t miss this great read! Click:, check out the reviews, get your free copy. Enjoy it and tell others!


Message for email:


I just wanted you to know that Saturday, Sept. 29, Philip Dale Smith and Lisa Hauser, the father-daughter authors of the award-winning novel, Turn Back Time, have arranged with for you to be able to get a free Kindle version of the novel with absolutely no charge! You can read the kindle eBook on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth, Android, and other cell phones and tablets—and you don’t have to buy a thing. Check Amazon’s review page and you’ll see that of 39 reviews, the book has an unheard of 36 Five-Stars and three 4-Stars! There are comments such as:

“Turn Back Time is the kind of book that makes time stand still while you’re reading it. You’ve hardly begun reading until you’re hooked.”

“A masterpiece of imagery and suspense…a good read with a strong message for moral and ethical values.”

“I can see why this book won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Fiction–and almost exclusively has 4-star and 5-star reviews!”

“I’m an old man who you wouldn’t think could tear up, while reading anything, but I’ll have to say that this one has the record. It is such a wonderful story and, for those who may wonder, it has NO improper words, etc. It’s just a clean, wonderful story about love and loss, and love renewed.”

“Dale Smith and Lisa Hauser are master storytellers…. any chance of a major motion picture…mini-series?”

“WOW, I have almost neglected my life to get to the end of this book and now that I’ve finished it, I’m sad it’s over…. BUT… I see there is a sequel…YES!”


NOTE: This offer of the book as a freebie applies only to Saturday, September 29. Afterward Amazon will return to charging its full price.

So—get your copy! And pass the word to others that it is available as a free book only on
Saturday, Sept. 29.


[Your name]

P.S. Thanks again for helping us get the word to people who will enjoy and be blessed by the story.

Philip Dale Smith

625 Elrod Road
Bowling Green, KY

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